Smoking is Bad for Your Eyes and the Rest of Your Body

Smoking can lead to eye conditions that could result in vision loss or blindness. Two that are most related to smoking are age-related macular degeneration (AMD) and cataracts. If you smoke, stop before your habit causes any number of medical conditions. If you’re diagnosed with AMD or cataracts, stop before your vision gets worse.[caption id="attachment_10715" align="aligncenter" width="800"] Image courtesy of VSP Vision Care[/caption]Continue reading

A Low-Carb Diet May Reduce the Chances of Developing Glaucoma

A long-term diet low in carbohydrates but high in fat and protein from vegetables could lower the risk of developing the most common subtype of glaucoma. A New York Eye and Ear Infirmary of Mount Sinai researcher (NYEE) helped discover that if at-risk groups stick to these dietary limits, their risk of developing a type of glaucoma could be reduced by 20 percent. Glaucoma is the top cause of blindness in th.... Continue reading

How to Avoid Your Glasses from Fogging Up While Wearing a Mask

Leaving your house these days means a whole new normal.  Needing to make sure if you have your mask, your gloves, and hand sanitizer? Now because of masks, millions of eyeglass wearers are discovering the annoyance of mask-induced foggy lenses. Why do glasses fog up in the first place? Here’s the simple science behind it. When warm air hits a cool surface, condensation can form. When your warm moist breath escapes through the top of the mask, it hits the lenses of your glasses and causes th.... Continue reading

Sports are to Enjoy, Not to Injure Your Eyes

If you or your child engage in sports, think about eye protection. During a game a simple mistake could take a fraction of a second to happen but could result in a lifetime of vision loss. Some sports are at a higher risk of eye injury than others.While bruises and even broken bones suffered while playing a sport normally heal without major complications a serious eye injury is different. It may cause permanent disabilities and an inability to perform essential life functions. To lessen the .... Continue reading

Foods that May Help You Keep Your Eyes Healthier, Longer

We like to see and we like to eat. By eating the right foods you may make your eyes, and the rest of your body, healthier for a longer period of time. Foods contain nutrients that can help our bodies function properly, perhaps undoing some of the damage we inflict on ourselves due to unhealthy habits.The same diet that can help your heart will also help your eyes, according to the American Academy of Ophthalmol.... Continue reading

How to Boost Immunity

Whether it is confidence, mood, or metabolism, as a society, we’re always looking to “boost” something. “How to boost immunity” tends to be one of the most searched questions, not only during COVID-19, but especially during cold and flu season.  There are many products that claim to boost/increase/support the immune system, but that begs the question: can you really boost your immunity?Can You Improve Your Immunity? The immune system itself is comprised of many different parts w.... Continue reading

Dry Eyes-Cause and Prevention

Dry eyesDry eyes are an irritant that can make you much less comfortable. Your eyes may just be having a bad day, something in your surroundings may be causing the problem, or you may have chronic issues with your eyes. What you should do about them depends on the cause of the problem.Symptoms can include,A stinging, burning or scratchy sensation Stringy mucus in or around your eyes Light sensitivity Red eyes Feeling like there’s something in your eyes Difficulty w.... Continue reading

COVID-19 and Eye Care

Coronavirus. COVID-19. SARS-CoV-2. Whatever you call it, it’s probably all you’ve been hearing about lately. Though coronaviruses are a large family of viruses known to cause respiratory infections ranging from the common cold to more severe issues, the infamous virus you’ve been hearing about is COVID-19. What Is COVID-19? According to the Continue reading

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