Can Your Contact Lenses Cause Eye Infections?

If you mishandle your eyeglasses they may need to be fixed or replaced. If you need to buy new prescription glasses it may not be cheap but it’s easy to do. Mishandling your contact lenses may result in serious infections in your eyes, which are irreplaceable.It’s not unusual for there to be some minor irritation when first using contact lenses. Serious eye infections are very rare but if one occurs it may be very harmful and quick acting. These infections are often caused by users who e.... Continue reading

Overuse of Contact Lenses

How do make sure you aren’t overusing your lenses? Most people who have prescription eye glasses prefer wearing contact lenses. It’s not only comfortable but it also doesn’t alter your natural look. Though contact lenses are convenient they shouldn’t be used extensively. Overuse of contact lenses can cause serious damages to your eye.If you are not following the 18 hour week rule, then you could be overusing your contact lenses. In other words you must take out your contact lenses f.... Continue reading

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