The Power of Turmeric – By Sandra Young, OD

As winter approaches and the temperature falls, we have come to expect the onset of the hectic holiday season. Traveling, gathering with friends and family, keeping up with work, school, and other commitments – it all adds up to stress! Perhaps this is part of the reason it is not uncommon to get sick at this time of year. Why not bring the craziness down a notch this year with a steaming mug of tea? Especially with a tea that has nutritional properties to help your body and eyes meet their ma.... Continue reading

Social Media and Professionalism – Protecting Your Patients, Your Profession, and You

In this post (and video!) I will share the highlights of a talk I gave recently discussing social media and professionalism, specifically how to protect your patients, your profession, and you. We’re all very familiar with the pitfalls of using social media professionally. We read stories online of physicians, nurses, and other healthcare providers being fired or disciplined for comments that they’ve made on social media that put patient safety and privacy at risk.The American Acad.... Continue reading

Diabetes And Eye Disease

Diabetic Eye Diseases Diabetes can bring with it a host of problems. Among other things, it’s known to affect our eyes. Diabetic Retinopathy is the most common diabetic eye disease and is estimated to affect almost 11million Americans by 2030. It is the primary cause of blindness in adults in America.Diabetic Retinopathy can cause the blood vessels in the eye to swell and leak fluid. It could also be the cause of abnormal blood vessels growth on the surface of the retina.Other types o.... Continue reading

How Often Do You Need Eye Exams?

Regular eye exams improve quality of life, but how often do you need an eye exam? No one wants to waste time and money on unnecessary vision screenings and exams. On the other hand, eye exams can catch minor problems before they become major problems.Many eye problems have subtle symptoms or no symptoms at all. However, eye diseases and conditions can have a significant impact on your health and functioning. Ophthalmological exams can also flag serious conditions such as Multiple Sclerosis, .... Continue reading

Blood Sugar Variability and Diabetic Neuropathy Risk

A preliminary study may point to blood sugar variability as an independent risk factor for diabetic neuropathy. Although the study involved only 40 adult patients, this type of research may emphasize the importance of leveling out blood sugar readings. Diabetic neuropathy is permanent nerve damage caused by sugar in the blood vessels. This condition can damage any nerves in the body. When high blood sugar damages the optic nerve in the eyes, it is called “diabetic retinopathy.”The resear.... Continue reading

I Can Only Imagine

I can only imagine my wife’s beautiful face.  Oh sure, I’ve touched it and kissed it many times.  I’ve felt the lines with the tips of my fingers, tracing our lives together, and I’ve heard her smile.  I understand that’s not really seeing it.  It’s not seeing her eyes as they sparkle with something funny I said; or, when she looks at me with love reserved only for those who are truly in love.She’s often tried to explain the flash and colors of a sunset and the cotton soft.... Continue reading

Alpha Lipoic Acid: Benefits and Side Effects

Nutrition seems to be an ever-changing industry. As more research is conducted, more and more nutrients and their benefits are being discovered. One such nutrient that has been gaining popularity over the last few years is alpha lipoic acid (ALA). From metabolic support to brain health, ALA can impact several aspects of health and everyday life. What Is Alpha Lipoic Acid?Alpha lipoic acid is an antioxidant, or a natural, vitamin-like chemical. Known as the “universal antioxidant,” ALA.... Continue reading

The Benefits of Benfotiamine

Vitamins are becoming a very popular way to fulfill nutritional needs. It’s becoming especially popular for those who may be deficient in one or more necessary nutrients. Sometimes, these supplements are derivatives of the actual vitamin or mineral, but because they are absorbed better by the body, they’re used to manage deficiencies. One example of this kind of supplement is benfotiamine. What Is Benfotiamine? Benfotiamine is a derivative of thiamine or Vitamin B1. Foods like legumes, see.... Continue reading

A Boy with No Boundaries

Last summer, Kai Wang devoured 12 audio books on science and engineering feats like the Golden Gate Bridge, atomic bombs, and the cotton gin. He listened to the books over and over — some as many as five times. One of his favorite titles was “Rocket Men,” a 400-page book for adults on Apollo 8, the first manned mission to the moon.  He finished it in a week.Kai enjoys talking with his mom, Mina, about everything he learns and reads. But it’s not just banter for him — he’s often .... Continue reading

Eyeball Panna Cotta© – By Dr. Sandra Young

Is it possible to enjoy a sweet treat that is also good for eye health? Yes!As the leaves turn orange, red, and yellow, it reminds us that fall is here. Autumn brings the start of many holiday celebrations. When we think of each holiday celebration, it is frequently associated with a special meal or food… Halloween – trick or treat candy; Thanksgiving – turkey and pumpkin pie; Hanukah – potato pancakes and jelly doughnuts; Christmas – a standing rib roast with a rich dessert. Celeb.... Continue reading

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