Cause of Color Blindness Information

There is only one predominant cause of color blindness, and that's through a genetic link. The gene that is responsible for the color pigments in the eye are carried through the male X chromosome, and as such most color blindness is found in men. In fact, nearly every case of color blindness is diagnosed in a male, and it's incredibly rare for a female to be born colorblind.While it's not exactly rare in men, it's not extremely prevalent either, with an estimated 10 out of every 100 m.... Continue reading

Eye Infection and Allergy Information

It's not uncommon for a person to experience an eye infection and allergy at the same time, and it's actually pretty common for an allergy to develop into an infection if it's left untreated.Pink Eye is the common name for most eye infections that cause the eye to swell up and turn red. It's actually sort of an umbrella term used to describe these symptoms, and contrary to popular belief not all cases of pink eye are .... Continue reading

Vision Theory Information

Vision Theory has gone through a lot of changes over the centuries.As we begin to understand the way the brain works, more and more theories are being put out. The biggest problem with the theory of vision is that unlike a video camera that records exactly what is in front of it, the way a person sees is defined by the way the brain interprets the visual images.Every brain is different, like a fingerprint, and there is absolutely no conclusive way to determine if what two people a.... Continue reading

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