Save money while getting your family back-to-school ready

Summer activities are in full swing as we try to squeeze as much fun out of these warmer months as we can. However, it’s that time to start getting the kids ready to go back to school. Between shopping for new school supplies to organizing the fall schedule, there is a lot to be done. Let us help make it easier for your child to get back-to-school glasses. Take this quiz below to see what pair of back-to-school glasses is best for your child’s personality, style and activities. There ....Continue reading

Retinal Regeneration: Releasing Your Inner Salamander

For someone with a retinal disease such as retinitis pigmentosa or macular degeneration, their vision loss is caused by photoreceptor degeneration. Photoreceptors are the retinal cells that capture light and convert it into electrical signals, which are sent back to the brain where they are used to create the images we see. Many research groups from around the world are investigating ways to create new photoreceptors from stem cells for transplantation into the retina for vision restoration. ....Continue reading

Getting Vision Coverage Was a Piece of Cake for This Entrepreneur

Callista Polhemus’ attention to detail and eye for photography has helped elevate the Sacramento food scene. Working in marketing for Paragary Restaurant Group in the early 2000’s, Callista crafted a unique discipline in social media while learning from some of the best chefs and food photographers in the industry. While she loved her job, her priorities shifted when she discovered she was pregnant and decided to become a restaurant marketing consultant, allowing her more flexibility. ....Continue reading

Chlorine and Your Eyes

Summer time is officially here and everyone enjoys a dip in a nice, cool pool during the summer months.  While swimming is a great form of exercise and a relaxing way to cool down, the water can be hard on your eyes. What Chlorine Does to Your Eyes – Yes chlorine can make your eyes red!  But the real dangers in pool water aren’t just a result of your eyes coming in contact with the chemical. The redness and discomfort that sometimes accompany swimming can be caused by bacteria that linge....Continue reading

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