Lasik Eye Center

There are a number of Lasik eye centers that you could choose from. Choosing the best is the tricky part. You do not want to compromise your health especially your vision. And you do not want to end up with permanent negative consequences. So, it is essential to approach only Lasik eye centers that can offer you the best treatment there is. One way to make sure that you approached a reputable Lasik eye center is to do some ample research. Continue reading

June is Cataract Awareness Month

More than 22 million Americans over the age of 40 have been diagnosed with cataract disease, the leading cause of preventable blindness in the world. An additional eight million people will be diagnosed by 2020. What do cataracts look like? In a healthy eye, the lens is transparent, allowing light to pass through and create a sharp image on your retina, which sends that image to the brain a....Continue reading

Will My Kids Be Color Blind?

When you think of how a person who is color blind sees the world, what do you imagine? You probably envision their world in black and white or shades of gray. This is actually a common misconception. Color blindness often means someone cannot distinguish between certain colors, such as blue and yellow, or red and green. In rare cases, a person will be unable to see any color at all. According to Preven....Continue reading

On the Job Eye Safety

More than 2,000 people injure their eyes at work every day but with the right eye protection, most of these injuries could have been prevented or the severity lessened. Whether you work in a manufacturing plant, an office or as a mom taking care of little ones, it’s important to protect your eyes. Read more>>Are you in a position that requi....Continue reading

Get Fit for Your Vision

It’s no secret that exercise is the best way to get in shape and to prevent serious health conditions. But did you know that you can actually exercise your way to healthy eyes too!? Like your heart, brain, and lungs, your eyes are impacted by how you care for your body. By eating a healthy diet and exercising regularly, you can help prevent eye conditions linked to obesity and being out of shape. Studies have found connections between regular exercise and reducing risks for sever....Continue reading

#WeSeeYouMom: Lynda’s Story

“The hardest thing about being a mom is knowing your kids are going to hurt. And when they hurt, there are going to be times when there is nothing you can do about it.” For Lynda Bettencourt, wife, teacher, and mother of two, the decision to treat her oldest son, who at the age of three was diagnosed with growth hormone deficiency, was an emotional and challenging one. Read more>>While t....Continue reading

Happiness and Hope for Children in Puerto Rico

One in four children on the island of Puerto Rico has a vision issue and one-third need some type of visual correction, like glasses. Patients at the San Jorge Children’s Hospital in Puerto Rico are also dealing with critical illness and the aftermath of Hurricane Maria. Read more>>As part of ongoing disaster relief efforts, VSP Global, in partnership with the Inter American University of....Continue reading

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